Learn About The 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine
If you haven’t already heard about the 10-step Korean skincare routine, you may be surprised to learn that Koreans are serious about their skincare, and it shows in their skincare routines.I have always wanted better, glowing skin but never knew how to go about obtaining this other than paying an aesthtician hundreds or thousands of dollars on a one time but mostly regular basis. There was no way I could do this.  When I heard about Korean skincare, I was excited to explore a Korean skincare routine and to try Korean skincare products from brands known for their innovative formulas.

Why Korean skin care became so popular

Understanding the popularity of Korean skin care is understanding the relative lack of skin care options available to American consumers before 2011. The market was often divided by price point. Options at Sephora and department stores were expensive; the products available at drugstores were cheaper but not exactly enticing. In recent years, Korean beauty, or K-Beauty has become somewhat of a global phenomenon. Seoul, South Korea is a beauty mecca, bustling with facialists, spas, retail beauty stores, skin clinics and cosmetic surgeons.

The 10-step Korean skin care routine

Ten steps may sound daunting, but the adaptable routine may be easier than some think, especially since it can be customized



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Oil-based cleansers can do an excellent job of removing makeup, dirt, oil, SPF, and pollution from the day, so using them at night is ideal. They break down makeup, sunscreen, and other products once they and emulsify with water.




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A Water based cleanser is a very important part of your skincare routine.
Why? A water-based cleanser or cleansing gel cleanses your skin even more deeply from impurities such as makeup, dead skin cells and tallow. Many cleansing gels use ingredients that address specific skin problems. In addition, the skin is hydrated, cared for and balanced.


Exfoliation is the next step in our 10-step Korean skincare routine. Whether you choose chemical or physical exfoliation, removing dead skin cells will reveal brighter, smoother skin that radiates clarity. It will also help your other skincare products be more effective as it will allow them to absorb more deeply. This step is recommended once to twice a week.


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The toner step of this routine ensures that your skin’s barrier is protected and supported. It also removes any residual product from earlier steps in your skincare routine such as cleansers or exfoliators. It moisturizes and preps your skin for important upcoming treatment steps


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Essence has lighter molecular weight and a higher number of active ingredient which helps to battle specific skin concerns. Most of these are made with ingredients that won’t annoy the sensitive skin type.


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Similar to serums, ampoules actually comprise an even higher number of active ingredients to target specific skin care concerns. They’re used for a finite amount of time as a booster when your skin badly needs the extra help, they target specific skin concerns such as acne, fine lines and hyper-pigmentation.


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Sheet masks, central to the Korean skincare routine, are the next step. Sheet masks are used to deliver active ingredients in the form of an essence to the skin with the help of a sheet applied to your face for a short period of time. You can wear a sheet mask from a few to several minutes which also allows you to sit still promoting the quiet, meditative ritual of relaxation.



The skin around your eyes gets its own step in this Korean skincare routine. Skin around the eyes can be sensitive and thinner than other areas of your face, so a gentle eye cream that addresses specific issues is ideal. Eye creams are formulated to address a variety of issues including dark circles, bags, puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines


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Almost there!! To seal in all of the previous ingredients, we apply a moisturizer. Whether you use a moisturizing cream, gel or facial oil, apply a soothing moisturizer in a light layer across the skin for long lasting all-day hydration.


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Sunscreen is a necessity, you should always wear sunscreen, even if you’ll be inside most of the day. It’s the easiest and most effective way to prevent premature aging and skin cancer. This should be the last step of your routine.
Thats it!! Don’t get caught up on trying to do it perfectly, just start a healthy routine that’s good for you that will get your skin where you want it to be. Good luck on your journey!