Our Story

Years ago I discovered Korean skincare and immediately fell in love. As a skincare professional I was fascinated at their ingredients, technology and just the approach in general.
It wouldn’t be until years later and a pandemic that I’d realize what K-beauty meant for me.
You see when the quarantine started I as everyone wanted to believe we would get “back to normal soon”. Towards the end of April I started realizing that would not be the case. Losing my routine and sense of freedom was hard for me especially as this triggered a lot of anxiety.  I was anchoring much of my self-worth in what I could control, what I could accomplish.
So in an effort to bring back a sense of control and try to feel better in this new reality I decided to shift my energy towards…MYSELF and the small things I could control.
As time went on I realized my skincare routine was my biggest safe haven and blessing during this time. It was my time to think, meditate, breath, relax and just forget about everyone and focus on ME.
I discovered my routine was also a great tool for my anxiety. Focusing on the steps, the different textures, the motions of my fingers going up-and-out, took my mind off of everything …. My relationships, work, the world.
My K-beauty skincare routine is a guaranteed good time; something I think we all are in desperate need of at this time!
Live K-Beauty was created out of love and a passion to share the benefits of Korean Skincare products while making the process easy, simple, and fun even if you are not from Korea!

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